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The Swinging Ship by RedCoaster The Swinging Ship by RedCoaster
Twisted IS COMING OUT THIS SUMMER! (2013) You can get it at Amazon, or a book retailers online site. This is one of the insert illustrations
Cover: railrunnermiranda.deviantart.c...
The plot:
WHAT HAPPENS TO AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES ONCE THEY ARE PUT INTO STORAGE OR DESTROYED? They are magically transported to a place only known as “Amusement Park Between”, a park that co-exist within any other and is only accessible by those who are of its blood. There are no limits and no humans. The only residents are the rides. However, they are much different from our own. Amusement Park Between’s rides are ALIVE, having both the characteristics of man and beast. Amusement Park Between was once merry and joyous, but for the past several years it has spiraled into turmoil. An evil tyrant known as Ironwheel has taken control, casting a dark shadow over Amusement Park Between, and whose evil intentions endanger both their world and our own. The rides only hope is the key to their prophecy; the red will defeat the black. That particular key is the only ride that was created differently. The red roller coaster, Railrunner. AND THIS IS HIS STORY.

Yes, these rides are BIO MECHANICAL, meaning they are metal on the outside, flesh on the inside.

Swinging ships are the largest rides in Between. They come in many shapes and sizes with the "reptilian" style being the most common. These ships are perhaps the most primitive of all the rides without the gift of speech. The swinging ships are used to carry goods down the Achterbahn and other rivers from city to city and sometimes have sails hanging upon their pendulums. They are docile and feed on fish by diving down and the trees overhead like giraffes. Ships are smart enough to obey complex commands and their insides are spacious enough for many crew members - their organs being in the lower most part of the ship's underside. The giants propel themselves by their giant sea turtle like flippers, thus they spend most of their life in the water and very rarely come upon land to rest.

Upon his journey, Railrunner and his allies board the "Sea Serpent" to gain ground, going through dangerous waters.

Twisted,Vertigo, its characters and concepts are copyright to Miranda Leek, (me) DO NOT USE, COPY, or STEAL
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simonpark81 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

hi! :icondeverythingart: here!

so sorry submissions expired this week, life has been hectic and i'm pretty much running the group on my own at this point. please resubmit and accept my humblest apologies.


TamperdSoul Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Photographer
What kind of paper do you draw on? im curious :O
dumbfished Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Professional
Oh, this one is very cool too
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The perspective is fantastic is this! Very nice work :)
Darkendrama Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Great detail!Clap 
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I have to say, that's pretty awesome.
biocoal Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
Nice, it looks great. 
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